“You don't take a photograph, you make it”
- Ansel Adams

We are what you call the underdogs of the Canvas Printing industry. But we all know that underdogs work the hardest.

Canvas World honest attempt at creating a platform for you to avail affordable artistic canvases for your place. We want to embody the efficiency of fast food restaurants and the artistic quality of a museum in one. An amalgamation of the best professional qualities into one, that’s what defines Canvas World. We are looking to push for your artistic expertise to be displayed on our canvases. We want to create magic with your help on our products such as canvas, gifts, etc.

What We Are?

We manufacture the best quality photo products to make your home feel homier with your creativity. We’re a special kind of company. We deliver a deeply personal product and experience. We use commercial scale to make Canvas Printing art faster and more affordable, but we strive to make each customer experience special. Simply put, we provide you with top-quality printed products at affordable prices.

Why are we different?

We pride ourselves as being different from the status quo. We make sure that we aren’t

rigid on an idea like the other firms. We don’t want the customer to think that we are

producing the same boring canvases. We are new so we want our work to be new too. We want them to know that we don’t play with the same ideas. We know how the millennials think so we know how to reach them. Our commitment to helping you become more confident and showcase your skills and talent and your appreciation is our highest priority.

Turn your place into a charming place with beautiful colours. Canvas World was started with the idea to fill you with vibrant emotions.

Things about IC you will love:

Modern Techniques and technology used in printing

Experts at work 24/7

High Quality materials used

Fast Service

Excellent arrangements

Things about IC you will love:

We know what it means to work with honour and honesty. We believe in some values and we make sure that those values are represented in our work. These values are:

Strength – We have strong characters. We make sure that we don’t give up if it

becomes tough to create something. We do it no matter what and how hard it gets.

Creativity – We are proud of our work and are fairly positive about our future work.

We are a creative bunch who loves new ideas and have the guile to bring your ideas to fruition.

Unconventional – We don’t fall in a set standard of ideas. We think outside the box

and do everything differently.

Hard work – We work hard towards our goals. We know the value of our goals and we

are not shy of putting in the work.

Frugal and affordable – We realise the value of money so we make sure to make the product as frugally as possible without compromising on quality.

Our mission is to make it easy for you to tell your story by framing the things you love. We hope you have a home or office that is personal to you and reflects the things that make you happy.

At Inovative Canvas, we don’t only print your photos on canvas but also on various other surfaces. We help our customers create their personalized art in the most innovative, entertaining and straightforward way possible.