What is your 100% price guarantee?

Our large volume allows us to supply our products at very competitive pricing, and we’re confident you’ll find one of the best prices right here. If there’s a far better-published price, we’ll match the worth and provide you a further discount of 10% off the worth of your order.

What is your quality guarantee?

We have complete faith in our products, to the extent that we are extremely pleased with them. Any errors in material, design, or printing are going to be fully refunded or reproduced and shipped with no additional cost to you. we would like YOU to appreciate the merchandise YOU receive.

How are you able to offer such low prices without compromising quality?

This is the foremost commonly asked question. We are among the most important wholesale printers within the industry. Higher volume allows us to urge materials and supplies directly from the manufacturers at a low price. Optimum utilization of printing in and out of doors USA helps us keep our overhead cost low. We believe in passing these savings to our customers.

Who are you, and why should I order my canvas from you?

That’s easy:

  • We are one among the most important printing houses and are around for over 20 years.
  • We offer the simplest quality at guaranteed lowest prices.
  • Our ordering process is straightforward and convenient.
  • We provide free professional design and style proofs upon request.
  • You’ll like us!


Can I get additional discounts on my order?

Our prices are already heavily discounted compared to several other online and offline retailers additionally thereto we do run specials for a limited time. Check in to our newsletter to urge exclusive access to those offers.

I have an outsized commercial order. Will you be able to give me a better-discounted price?

Yes, we provide even more attractive rates for giant and bulk orders. Please contact our sales division at [email protected].com or at phone no for more information.

What if I modify the order?

If you request any changes or additions within the current order, then there’s a probability of the order getting delayed.

How long does delivery take?

Our products are generally printed in 24 to 48 hours after proof is approved; counting on the sort of shipping method selected, it takes 5 to eight business days.

In addition to our standard delivery, we provide one express delivery option: express delivery, where your order is given preferential treatment.


How much does shipping cost?

We use UPS and FedEx to deliver all our goods – we provide the fastest “ORDER TO DELIVERY” time within the industry. We pride ourselves with the incontrovertible fact that we’ve over 90% on-or before-time deliveries.

Shipping Rates:

  • Standard Shipping:
  • $9.99 for orders up to $69.00
  • Free shipping on order over $69.00.
  • Delivery in 6 to eight business days*

Express Shipping:

  • $14.99 for orders up to $79.00
  • 20% of the order if the order value is between $79.00-$149.00
  • 12% of the order value if the order is between $149.00-$199.00
  • 10% of the order value if the order is above $199.00
  • Delivery in 5 to six business days*

Priority Shipping:

  • $12.99 for orders up to $55.00 + $25.99
  • 20% of order value if order is between $55.00-$149.00 + $25.99
  • 12% of order value if order is between $149.00-$199.00 + $25.99
  • 10% of order value if order is above $199.00 + $25.99.
  • Delivery in 3 to five business days*
  • Currently, we don’t offer One-day or Two-day shipping.


  1. Shipping charges will vary for accessories products, and the quantity purchased. Detailed shipping charges are often seen on the checkout page.

What is your return policy? How am I able to request a reprint OR refund?

Inovative Canvas believes in customer satisfaction. If you discover any defect in our print, we’ll make sure it is perfect for you. This includes any manufacturer’s defects like loose or wavy canvas, bubbles, scratches, or fading. If this happens, we’ll either replace your canvas print or fix it at our cost.

If you need a reprint or refund, the methods are often expedited by providing a digital image of the damage or defect alongside a transparent description of the matter (try to be as descriptive as you can be while sending a defective image). Please contact us by email; we’ll be happy to help you.


Returns Procedure: The customer must send us the email of the photographs of the damaged product at photographs are going to be reviewed within 24 hours and if found to be a manufacturing defect, Return Authorization numbers are going to be issued to the customer after which they can return the products.

Returns Window: Customer can return within 90 days from receipt of order.

Refund Method: The refund shall be issued on their card or PayPal from which order was purchased and is usually done within 7 business days.

Responsibility for Return Shipping Costs: Return shipping costs are paid by Inovative Canvas.

What is the printing technology you use?

The printing technology used for the canvas banner printing is eco-solvent and latex printing.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes. Please contact us for shipping information to locations outside the US.

How many colors am i able to use?

While many online printers restrict the amount of colours , photos, and graphics you’ll use, we’ve no restrictions or limits on these. We will print as many colors as you would like .

What if my order wasn't delivered at a guaranteed time?

As noted on the web site, delivery time is guaranteed for print-ready files. If you would like a symbol, which will add a minimum of at some point. We ship all our orders UPS. We aren’t liable for delays caused by the UPS as it’s out of our control. If we fail to ship in time for a guaranteed delivery date, we’ll refund the shipping cost of the order. Please mention within the special instructions if you would like to possess the canvas at a certain date.

Can I get a custom size canvas?

Yes. We will do virtually any size canvas you would like ranging from 8″x8″ to 54″x54″.

What are wall displays?

Wall displays are specially constituted groups of canvases that you simply can order for a special price. they’re generally meant to hide the entire wall or a neighborhood of the space . you’ll order multiple images on multiple canvas groupings. once you select Wall Displays, you’ve got to then select between the various configurations of canvas.

What are the recommended file/artwork upload specifications?

Acceptable Formats: JPG (High Resolution JPEG), TIFF (High Resolution TIFF), .BMP, .PNG

Vector Files: Line art is scalable to any size; it never loses resolution and therefore the image stays clean and crisp. Due to this, it is often submitted at any size that’s in proportion to your canvas size.

Raster Files/Images: counting on the resolution and Pixel base, images like .JPG, .TIFF, .BMP, .PNG becomes blurry when enlarged. If submitting these files, please follow the rules below:

  • 100% scale (full size output) at 100 dpi
  • 50% scale at 200 dpi or higher
  • 25% scale at 300 dpi or higher
  • 10% scale at 600-1200 dpi recommended
  • Thumbnail-sized jpg and gif files aren’t at a high enough resolution to use on large prints like canvas.

File Tips:

Set the dimensions in proportion to the precise size canvas you’re ordering.

I'm not comfortable using my mastercard on the Internet; am I able to order by phone or fax?

To be the most cost-effective, we will not process small orders on the phone or fax. We’ll make exceptions on large orders.

Please note: our Website has top security measures. All Mastercard processing is handled by a reputable company. We don’t retain, file, or maybe view any customers’ MasterCard information.

What If the colour on the canvas isn't as I expected?

Our printers are calibrated accurately to print the right colors. Our products are printed RGB, and that we will make every effort to match the colour of your design. In rare cases, some colors may need some variation. This may not be considered a production error. We’ll not issue refunds, nor accept returns for misunderstandings thanks to color, depth, or tone. We aren’t liable for differences, either real or perceived, between the looks of the merchandise on your screen and therefore the final printed piece. We’ll address this example on a case-by-case basis. Please confirm to place special instructions if you’re very specific on ascertain color.

Can I convert a color image into black and white or sepia?

On your form , you will have the choice to convert color images into either black and white images or sepia images or simply leave them as they were originally.

To convert your image, just create the art / picture as the other normal order and choose the requisite option. Our team of expert designers will confirm that they’re converted beautifully.

What is a split canvas print?

To be the most cost-effective, we will not process small orders on the phone or fax. We’ll make exceptions on large orders.

Please note: our Website has top security measures. All Mastercard processing is handled by a reputable company. We don’t retain, file, or maybe view any customers’ MasterCard information.


What is the difference between Rolled Canvas, Hanging Canvas, Thin Wrap and Thick Gallery Wrap?

Rolled Canvas: they are available printed as a canvas roll. they’re not stretched or framed. that’s the most cost-effective option for the order and may be used if you plan to order your canvas yourself.

Hanging Canvas: These are neither stretched nor rolled, instead an unmatched amalgamation of two with the impeccable blend of ethnicity. Unpack them and hang these gorgeously crafted hanging canvas prints on your home/office walls.Thin Wrap: they are available with pre-stretched canvas on 0.75″ thick wooden frames. they’re useful if you would like to use the canvas and put a customized frame thereon . They need a skinny , sleek, and stunning look. They are able to hang.

Thick Wrap: they are available with pre-stretched canvas on 1.5″ thick wooden frames. they’re the perfect choice if you would like to place them abreast of their own. The thick edges provide a very contemporary and professional look to the canvas. They are able to hang.

What are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are prints on aluminum done using our state-of-the-art UV printers. they provide a really contemporary look to any wall. Favorite among prints used for offices and conference rooms.

What are Photo Boards?

Photo Boards are prints on thick dense white PVC material. they provide a shocking and sleek look to the walls of homes. Printed using state-of-the-Art UV printers.

What goes on the edges of my canvas?

Normal pictures are two-dimensional, whereas canvases are three-dimensional. So for the sides , you’ll select a solid color for the sides / have the first image extended (image wrap), or have the sides reflection of the border.

If you’ve got important features on the canvas, we propose you’re taking the mirror finish option so you don’t lose any of the important parts of the image within the wrap. For all other images, you’ll accompany either of the choices .

What is the canvas material that you simply use?

We use specially manufactured cotton blend canvas for archival printing.

Do we provide the Proof of the Image?

Yes, with the service cost of $1.99, you’ll indeed proof your image before placing the order.

What Is the fabric utilized in Metal Prints?

We use 3mm – 6 m (depending on the size) specially engineered aluminum for UV printing. it’s manufactured to last and will hold the colours and textures for an extended time.

What is the fabric you use?

The material used for the canvas banner is that the same as used for our canvas prints, and it’s supported a cotton-blend material as against other sellers who may use cheap plastic-based canvases.

What is the printing technology you employ for peel and stick prints?

The printing technology used for the Peel and Stick option is eco-solvent and latex.

Does Inovative Canvas offer ``Military, Veteran, Responder, Student, Teacher or Government`` discount?

Yes, we’ve exclusive partnership with So if you qualify for our special discount offerings after verifying your identity through ID.ME you’ll be eligible of either of the subsequent offers.

Military & Student: Additional 10% off on all products except on special sizes of canvas prints (5″x7″, 7″x5″ and 8″x8″) and every one accessories products.

Veterans, Responder, Government & Teacher: Additional 5% off on all products except on special sizes of canvas prints (5″x7″, 7″x5″ and 8″x8″) and every one accessories products.