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Choose the style of your wallsAesthetically Pleasing Picture Splits


Want to try a modern canvas design? Have you heard of the Canvas Split? You split a picture Canvas split photo between Canvases perfectly and then stack them together either horizontally or vertically so that the complete picture can be viewed from a distance. This is the rage and many of our customers are asking for this new design. Make something different from a Canvas Split.

You can choose either two or more canvases for the split and then split the picture vertically or horizontally. Whatever way you decide to go, the end result is a very pleasing art piece on the wall.

How to get a Photo Printed on Canvas?

  • To start creating your canvas prints online, pick your canvas size and orientation and the number of splits
  • Once you’ve found a size and design that you like, make it yours by adding your favorite picture, and choosing the options that work best for you
  • Choose high-quality photos that feature centered subjects, high resolutions, and clear backgrounds and send them to us.
  • We will take care of the rest using vibrant, high-quality printing to create an element that can be treasured for years to come.
  • Hang them in the right order
  • Be amazed at the beautiful art


Canvas photo split panels are very popular and a great alternative to standard single panel canvas prints. Try the exclusivity of the photo grouping effect.



Quality you can trust!

Handcrafted with passion

Every split canvas print is molded by the skillful hand of our artisans.

Certified ink and printer

To ensure that the final print comes livelier, we use only certified latex inks and printers.

99+ year warranty

As a result of best quality tools and products, we avail 99+ year warranty to our customers.

Prompt shipping

Our team ensures that we deliver your canvas prints at your doorstep in 5-7 business days.


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