Use beautiful photo pillow cases for seats and sofas

“Love and beauty recognizes no barriers” – Maya Angelou

You walk into a friend’s new apartment. You notice how smartly decorated everything is. The furniture is modern, the art on the wall reflects her aesthetic. But then you see, on the bed, a beautifully decorated custom photo pillow, not something you would find at your typical store, and you ask, “Where did you find those pillows?”

Today, people see custom photo pillows as an accessory that can make or break a space. The market for pillows is growing, and you need to get in on this lucrative design trend!

Are you excited to get one of the most sought after and wanted pieces of bedroom accessory? You can even use them for your hall as sofa pillows.

What are customized photo pillowcases?

Pillow covers which can be edited and designed as you want through various online customising options to give a personal touch at home to your pillows are called customised photo pillowcases.

What is the next best alternative to use a photo in a frame up on your wall? Of Course it’s on a pillow cover. A pillow is something that you would regularly use while taking rest. Most people have a favorite pillow — it’s soft, cuddly, and the perfect place to rest your head after a long day. But what makes a perfect pillow even more perfect? Personalization, of course!

Our personalized photo pillow case can be custom printed with a photo of your choice and even feature your own text! Upload your favorite wedding photos and create his and hers photo pillowcases to create a one-of-a-kind look for your bed. Creating your pillow is easy! Just upload your photo to Print Shop and position your image onto your pillow layout in our project builder. It’s personalized home decor made simple! Our pillowcase printing service is perfect for any bedroom or living room.

A pretty print with filler cushion. Soft, snuggly personalised these make great gifts for any special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day etc. Our delightful range of printed cushions will look fabulous on any chair, sofa, bed or couch. Freshen up your home with cushions for all interiors, they are also perfect presents for friends & family. Get to add custom captions, text, matching colours on the back of the pillow to showcase your editing skills! Custom pillow covers with us come in standard sizes with various editing options to make them beautiful just the way you want. Time to make your sofa or bed look more exotic!

It can work as a wonderful gift for someone beloved. If you are willing to go the extra mile for someone, then go with the help of our custom printed pillow cases. With our online portal, custom pillow cases will be as easy to design and gift to your friends like sharing photos through your phone! Let your friends and family get a chance to adorn their space with beautiful memories on pillowcases. Gifting moments just become more affordable to match your socialising skills. Personalised pillow cases will become the instant favourites of anyone in your circle if you match it with the right photos to connect with.

You may have a beautiful home decorated with the best items but with customised pillow covers, let’s take your space to a different level. The soft fabric on which you can print your photos, designs and text will immediately highlight your central furniture to enhance the whole vibe of the room. Add beautiful captions along with pictures on pillowcases to make them more appealing. If you can’t print just one photo as you have too many good memories then print them all! With the help of collage-making features from us, you can add up to four photos on your pillow covers!

Time spent on bed or couch just got even more comfortable with the help of tailor-made pillow covers. You can now print your favourite photos from your vacation trips, beautiful family photos, memories with friends or spouse directly on pillowcases to make your relaxing comfier.

Your art can be on permanent display on some sofa or bed giving that lasting, final design touch to someone’s space.

From graffiti to conceptual imagery to digital art, pillows and pillowcases are the perfect canvas for your expression.

Think about the possibilities of printing to both sides of our spun polyester square pillowcase or the faux suede square pillowcase each in four different sizes.

Get the beauty and comfort of a custom printed pillow today!

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